Last reviewed on 27 June 2019
School types: All · School phases: All
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Schools run on policies. Understand your role as governor in the policy process, from development, to approval, to publication on the school's website.

We wrote this article with the help of two of our associate education experts, Jane Edminson and Ray Harris.

Why schools have policies

At their most effective, policies should:

  • Provide an outline of your school’s approach in some key areas of its work
  • Refer to your school's aims and vision and show how these will be achieved on a daily basis
  • Help the school provide the best education possible for pupils
  • Ensure consistency in approach across a school, or multiple schools as in the case of a multi-academy trust (MAT)

The different types 

Policies written by your school

Some policies will be written by your school, and your school leaders can alter and edit them as they see fit. This might include non-statutory policies, like uniform or pupil premium.

Policies set by the local