Data protection and the GDPR

  • Cyber security glossary
    Get a handle on the key terms around cyber security so you can understand the common forms of cyber attack, and the measures your school can put in place.
  • Governors’ role in cyber security
    Be clear on what you need to know about cyber security, and the questions you can ask your school leaders, so you can be assured your school is as safe as possible from a cyber attack.
  • Meeting the DfE's digital and technology standards
    Get an overview of how your school or trust's IT services and equipment should meet the DfE's minimum standards. See how you can monitor your current provision and learn what leaders should prioritise next, so you can hold them to account.
  • The UK GDPR
    Read our one-page summary of the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) and download a copy to share with other governors.
  • The UK GDPR: summary
    The UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) determines how your school must process and store personal data - understand the main requirements and how the data laws have changed since Brexit.
  • UK GDPR glossary
    The world of data protection is filled with jargon and technical terms. Our UK GDPR glossary makes it accessible for you.
  • UK GDPR: questions to ask your DPO
    Find out what questions you can ask your data protection officer (DPO) and what to look for in the answers, so you're confident that your school or trust is compliant.
  • UK GDPR: what governors and trustees need to do to be compliant
    Your school or trust must make sure its data processing complies with data protection law under the UK GDPR. Here's what your board needs to do to make sure you and your school/trust are compliant, including a downloadable checklist to monitor compliance.