Last reviewed on 16 July 2021
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Get a handle on the key terms around cyber security so you can understand the common forms of cyber attack, and the measures your school can put in place.

We’ve picked out the key terms you need to be familiar with from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) glossary, which you can find here.

Key terms to understand

Antivirus: software designed to detect, stop and remove malicious software and viruses.

Cloud: where you can store and access your resources (including data and software) via the internet, instead of locally on physical devices.

Cyber attack: an attempt to access, damage or disrupt your computer systems, networks or devices maliciously.

Cyber incident: where the security of your system or service has been breached.

Cyber security: the protection of your devices, services and networks (and the information they contain) from theft or damage.

Download attack: where malicious software or a virus is downloaded unintentionally onto a device without the user's knowledge or consent.

Hacker: someone