The constitution of the governing board

  • Associate members: role and restrictions
    You can appoint people who aren't governors or trustees to sit on committees and attend meetings. Understand who's eligible to be an associate member or serve as a non-trustee on a committee, and what their rights are.
  • Co-opted governors/trustees: role
    Understand the role of a co-opted governor/co-opted trustee, and find guidance on who's eligible to be appointed and what their voting rights and restrictions are.
  • Parent governor/trustee: role
    Learn how to separate your role as a governor or trustee from your role as a parent, so you can manage your relationship with other parents and do your job well.
  • Staff governors: role
    Staff governors bring a unique staff perspective to the board. Read on to understand your responsibilities as a staff governor, and the restrictions on the scope of your role.