Last reviewed on 20 October 2021
School types: Maintained, Academy · School phases: All
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Be clear on how long a governor or trustee can stay in office. Find out when their start date is and when you can shorten a term of office, so you remain compliant.

Terms of office are usually 4 years

Governors and trustees have a 4 year term of office. This can be shortened, but must be at least 1 year (as explained in the final section of this article).

If they want to stay on longer, they can be re-appointed/re-elected if they're still eligible. See our article for more information, or check your articles of association if you're an academy.

This doesn't apply to ex-officio governors and trustees (e.g. the headteacher), whose term of office ends when the position which entitles them to be a governor or trustee ends. 

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You can easily check your governors' or trustees' terms of office using a database product like GovernorHub, now included with your membership to The