Capability, conduct & grievances

  • Addressing concerns about the headteacher's conduct
    Understand how to manage concerns from staff, parents/carers and governors about the headteacher’s conduct, and get tips on how to maintain a good relationship with your headteacher.
  • How to carry out capability procedures for your headteacher
    Understand your role in headteacher capability procedures. Be clear on what happens during the process, including during formal meetings, dismissals and appeals.
  • Staff disciplinary hearings: guidance and procedures
    Know how to put together a panel and arrange and conduct a hearing as a chair or governance professional. If you're on a panel, find out what will happen during the hearing, and how to make your decision.
  • Staff dismissal: role of the governing board
    Understand your part to play in staff dismissal. Be clear on how your role differs depending on your school type, and whether you can delegate this power to your headteacher.
  • Staff grievances: guidance
    Read our step-by-step guide to understand the grievance process from start to finish, including what can happen during the informal stage. Download our model agenda for the grievance panel meeting and a template outcome letter.