Staff dismissal: role of the governing board

Understand your part to play in staff dismissal. Be clear on how your role differs depending on your school type, and whether you can delegate this power to your headteacher.

Last reviewed on 27 October 2022
School types: Maintained, Academy · School phases: All
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  1. You must have staff disciplinary procedures in place
  2. Your role in dismissal depends on your school type
  3. The rules on how you can delegate

You must have staff disciplinary procedures in place

This is outlined in the DfE’s guidance on statutory policies.

Use our article and model to save you time when reviewing your school’s policy.

Voluntary controlled (VC), community, community special and maintained nursery schools In these schools, the local authority (LA) is the employer of school staff. If your governing board decides that someone employed or engaged by your LA shouldn’t work at the school any longer, you must notify your LA in writing of what you’ve decided and your reasons for it. Within 14 days, your LA must decide to either: Terminate the person’s contract with your LA, giving them notice as set out under their contract, or Terminate the contract without notice if the circumstances (due to the person’s conduct) mean the LA is allowed to do this This is explained under regulation 20 of The School Staffing