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  • Addressing concerns about the headteacher's conduct How to manage ongoing and specific concerns about the headteacher’s conduct and actions.
  • Personal relationship between the headteacher and a member of staff It's understandable to worry if you learn about a relationship between the headteacher and a staff member. Read our experts' advice on how to make sure your headteacher remains transparent, impartial and fair in this situation.
  • Staff disciplinary appeal hearings: procedures What are the procedures for an appeal hearing against a disciplinary decision? We explain that there are no national rules on procedures for staff disciplinary appeal hearings. We look at examples of procedures for disciplinary appeal hearings from schools and LAs, and relay advice from an expert.
  • Staff disciplinary hearings: guidance and procedures Is there advice on holding staff disciplinary hearings? The DfE does not set out how staff discipline hearings should be held. We look at guidance from Acas and a local authority, and refer to advice from a union, two of our associate education experts, and a law firm.
  • Staff disciplinary panels: which governors should be involved? Who should sit on a staff disciplinary panel? Governing bodies must establish their own staff disciplinary procedures and ensure they adhere to these. We cite advice from two governance experts and the union ASCL on who should sit on the staff disciplinary panel.
  • Staff dismissal and the role of the governing body What is the governing body's role in dismissing staff? The governing body's role varies depending on the type of school. We refer to guidance on managing staff employment in schools and on developing disciplinary procedures. We also relay advice on delegating staff dismissal to the headteacher.
  • Staff grievances: guidance Read our step-by-step guide to understand the grievance process from start to finish. Download our model agenda for the grievance panel meeting and a template decision letter.
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  • Exit interviews for staff Exit interviews are a great way to find out why staff are leaving. You can then use this information to improve staff retention. Download our template with questions to ask and see further examples of how others conduct their exit interviews.
  • Governor access to staff survey results Can the chair of governors view the results of the staff survey? One of our associate education experts describes how staff survey results should be shared with the chair and the full governing board. We point to further articles from The Key on governors' role in staff morale and wellbeing.
  • Monitoring and supporting staff workload and wellbeing Find out how you can promote a healthy staff work-life balance, during coronavirus and beyond, without stepping on the toes of the day-to-day running of the school.
  • Poll comments: alcohol at staff parties Have your say.
  • Raising staff morale: role of governors How can governors support the headteacher in raising staff morale? We relay advice from 3 of our associate education experts on how governors can support the headteacher to raise staff morale. We also link to a further article from The Key which points to examples of staff wellbeing policies.
  • Staff wellbeing questionnaires Staff surveys are usually the responsibility of your headteacher. Have a look at examples of staff wellbeing questionnaires and case studies of 2 schools' approaches to help your headteacher in developing your own surveys.
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