Addressing concerns about the headteacher's conduct

Understand how to manage concerns from staff, parents and governors about the headteacher’s conduct and actions, and get tips on how to maintain an effective relationship with your headteacher.

Last reviewed on 20 January 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Complaints from staff or parents 
  2. Concerns from the governing board 
  3. Raising concerns about particular incidents 
  4. Maintain a good working relationship with the headteacher 

Thanks to our governance experts Keith Clover, Harry James and Jane Owens for their help with this article. 

Complaints from staff or parents 

All schools must have a complaints procedure, as required by:

Handling complaints against the headteacher is usually similar to handling complaints against other members of staff. The main difference is the chair of the governing board will be more involved in leading the process. 

Read our article for more detailed guidance on dealing with complaints.

Concerns from the governing board 

Make sure you follow and refer to your school's own policies and procedures throughout the process of expressing and managing concerns. Different situations will need different policies, which we outline in our decision-helper guidance

Individual governors should express any concerns about the headteacher