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  • Changes in education 2021/2022 Get up to speed on the key changes that are likely to affect your school next year, and find resources to help you take action.
  • Clerk’s quick guide to governance legislation As clerk, you need to advise the board on good governance and how to follow procedures. Bookmark our quick reference guide to the key legislation and guidance you need to know about and refer to on a regular basis.
  • Coronavirus: latest updates UpdatedKeep up to date with the latest COVID-19-related announcements that affect your school. We check this daily and update whenever there's a significant change.
  • Gender pay gap reporting: requirements Any organisation with 250 or more employees is required to publish and report specific figures about its gender pay gap. Read about the reporting requirements and the current picture in the sector.
  • Governance Handbook 2020: summary of changes The Governance Handbook was updated on 8 October 2020. Read our summary to get up to speed on the key changes.
  • How Brexit affects your school Brexit hasn't drastically changed how your school runs, but there are some changes to be aware of. Here you'll find a summary of the main changes and links to where you can access further details.