Government policies & legislation

  • Changes in education 2022/2023
    Get up to speed on the key changes that are likely to affect your school this academic year, and find resources to help you take action.
  • Clerk’s quick guide to governance legislation
    As clerk, you need to advise the board on good governance and how to follow procedures. Bookmark our quick reference guide to the key legislation and guidance you need to know about and refer to on a regular basis.
  • Gender pay gap reporting: requirements
    Any organisation with 250 or more employees is required to publish and report specific figures about its gender pay gap. Read about the reporting requirements and the current picture in the sector.
  • Schools white paper 2022: summary
    Find out about upcoming and potential policy changes and what they mean for your school. Plans include new attainment targets in literacy and numeracy, an academy-led education system and a drive to increase attendance.
  • SEND green paper 2022: summary
    The government is proposing new national standards for SEND provision, digital EHC plans, and multi-year budgets for alternative providers. Get the lowdown on the policy plans in the SEND green paper, and speak to your headteacher or chair about responding to the consultation.