Elections to the governing board

  • Governor elections: voting systems
    Be clear on the rules surrounding elections and what different systems you can use, both online and in person. Understand how to make sure voting is secure and confidential, and see examples from schools and trusts on what they do.
  • Parent governor/trustee elections
    If you're the chair or clerk, follow this process to make sure you carry out parent governor/trustee elections efficiently, and in line with the rules.
  • Parent governor/trustee elections: documents
    If you're responsible for organising parent governor/trustee elections, use our template documents to save you time and make sure the process runs smoothly. Download our template letters to parents/carers, ballot paper and candidate form.
  • Staff governor elections
    If you're a chair or clerk, be clear on the process for electing a staff governor so your election is compliant and runs smoothly.