Last reviewed on 10 December 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 4848

Be clear on the rules surrounding elections and what different systems you can use – both online and in person – including how to make sure voting is safe and secure.

This article covers governor elections. If you're looking for advice on holding a vote during a virtual meeting (not an election), take a look at our article and virtual meetings model policy.

Who decides what system to use?

There is no statutory requirement to use any specific system for governor elections.

Who is responsible for choosing which system to use depends on who is responsible for organising the election:

  • Voluntary aided and foundation schools: the governing board is responsible for choosing the system
  • Community and voluntary controlled schools: check with your local authority (LA) if they require you to use a specific system, and if not, choose for yourself
  • Academies: the board of trustees is responsible, but check your articles of association and scheme of delegation in case they specify something different

Can an election be completely virtual?

Parent governor elections You shouldn't