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  • School policies for governors: an introduction Schools run on policies. Understand your role as governor in the policy process, from development, to approval, to publication on the school's website.
  • School policies: when and how to consult with unions Consulting with unions can be a useful, and often necessary step in the policy-making process. Clarify which policies need union consultation, what the consultation process should look like, and how to be confident in approving policies.
  • School uniform policy: the role of the governing board Governing boards set the uniform policy in a school. Be clear on what you need to consider when setting your school's policy, and learn how to avoid discrimination to make sure the policy is fair and inclusive to all pupils in your school.
  • Statutory policies and documents Download our list of statutory policies and documents to check that your school has all the policies you need to be compliant.
  • Which policy do I turn to when there's a problem? Be prepared to deal with any concerns/complaints that reach you with this summary of the key policies you’re likely to need. If you’re in this situation right now, use our decision-helper to work out your immediate next steps.