Admissions & roll

  • Admission appeals: a how-to guide
    Parents can appeal admission decisions. If you're the admission authority for your school, you need to know how to handle these appeals. You can use our template appeal outcome letter, and see how other schools approach appeals.
  • How to change the published admission number (PAN)
    If you’re the admissions authority for your school, be clear on what you need to do if you want to increase, decrease or admit above the PAN. Know when you can be directed to do so by your local authority.
  • How to consult on admission arrangements
    If you're an admissions authority, you must consult on your admissions arrangements at prescribed times. Understand what you need to do to carry out your consultations.
  • In-year admissions and fair access protocols
    Get to grips with the rules on in-year admissions and fair access protocols. Find out what you need to do if you're the admission authority for your school or trust, and know what your local authority must do if it's the admission authority.