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  • Coronavirus: how to scrutinise your health and safety measures UpdatedGet the tools you need to scrutinise your school's latest risk assessment. Know how to monitor health and safety arrangements, so you can be assured that your school is taking appropriate measures in light of new rules in response to the Omicron variant of COVID-19.
  • Governing board's role in health and safety As a governing board, you have the responsibility for overseeing health and safety in your school. Learn more about what responsibilities you have and how to effectively delegate those duties.
  • Health and safety - governors' role Read our 1-page summary of your duties in relation to health and safety. Download a copy to share with your colleagues.
  • Health and safety questions to ask Read our suggestions of questions to ask the senior leaders responsible for health and safety while on a link governor visit. You can also see examples of what to look for in their answers.
  • Health and safety report to governors: template Whilst you decide the scope and format of a health and safety report, it's up to your school leaders to put the report together. Suggest they download and use our template to help keep you informed.