Governor behaviour

  • Addressing problems with your chair
    Having a good relationship with your chair is an important part of being an effective governor. If your chair’s behaviour is problematic and you’re struggling to build a good rapport, use some of these tips and tricks to help get things back on track.
  • Facebook 'cheat sheet' for governors
    Use our cheat sheet to keep your social media profiles secure and to help you understand what to do if you're contacted by a pupil or parent online.
  • How to respond to current events
    Understand your role when it comes to addressing major news events in school - such as the invasion of Ukraine. Find advice on how to challenge and support your school leaders to make sure they're making considered and informed decisions when responding to difficult events.
  • The Nolan principles
    The Nolan principles are 7 rules that everyone involved in public life must abide by, including governors and trustees. Understand what they mean for you and see examples of codes of conduct that refer to them.