Constitution & membership

Appointment of governors & associate members

6 articles

Elections to the governing board

5 articles
  • Dealing with problematic governor candidates in maintained schools
    The governing board can't stop a parent or staff governor candidate from standing in an election. Read guidance on how you can get the right candidate for the role, and under what circumstances elected governors can be removed.
  • Governor elections: voting systems
    Be clear on the rules surrounding elections and what different voting systems you can use. Understand how to make sure voting is secure and confidential, and see examples from schools and trusts.
  • Parent governor/trustee elections
    If you're the chair or clerk, follow this process to make sure you carry out parent governor/trustee elections efficiently, and in line with the rules.

Eligibility, removal & disqualification

5 articles
  • Disqualification of governors and trustees
    Know what will disqualify a governor or trustee from serving on your board and use declaration of eligibility form to confirm that all your board members are qualified.
  • Governor categories in maintained schools
    The governing boards of maintained schools must be made up of specific types of governors. Understand what all of the different categories of governors are and the roles they play in school governance.
  • Local authority governors in maintained schools
    If you're a maintained school, you're required to have a local authority governor on your board. Find out what an LA governor is, how they're appointed and the restrictions on who can fill the role.

Governor administration

4 articles
  • Governor email accounts
    As a governor, the personal data you send over email must be kept secure. Use a secure school email address to help you meet UK GDPR requirements, and see our other tips on keeping data secure.
  • How to use online tools to conduct business between meetings
    Boards need a way to communicate in between meetings. Understand the rules and what's appropriate when conducting governing/trust board business.
  • School governors' right to time off work
    You have the right to take 'reasonable' time off work to carry out your governor duties. Find out what the rules are, if your profession is exempt, and what to do if you're having problems with your employer.

The constitution of the governing board

7 articles
  • Associate members: role and restrictions
    You can appoint people who aren't governors or trustees to sit on committees and attend meetings. Understand who's eligible to be an associate member or serve as a non-trustee on a committee, and what their rights are.
  • Co-opted governors/trustees: role
    Understand the role of a co-opted governor/trustee. Find guidance on who's eligible to be appointed, and what their voting rights and restrictions are.
  • Parent governor/trustee: role
    Learn how to separate your role as a governor or trustee from your role as a parent, so you can manage your relationship with other parents and do your job well.