Last reviewed on 20 February 2019
School types: All · School phases: All
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Read the rules on appointing staff members, who aren't "staff governors" to your board. We look at co-opting staff members, associate membership, and the potential pros and cons.

We consulted the governor support team at One Education and the Department for Education (DfE) to write this article.

You can co-opt a staff member as a governor

When you are contemplating co-opting a staff member for your governing board, you should 'focus on skills, and the primary consideration in appointment decisions should be acquiring the skills and experience the board needs to be effective.' The Governance Handbook, page 29.

In a case where a governor is forced to step down due to a change in circumstances - such as a parent governor taking a paid position at the school - you can retain that person's skills by co-opting them back to the board.

Maintained schools

School staff can be co-opted governors. However, the number of co-opted governors employed by the school must not exceed one third of the