Staff governors: role

Staff governors bring a unique staff perspective to the board. Read on to understand your responsibilities as a staff governor, and the restrictions on the scope of your role.

Last reviewed on 8 March 2023
School types: Maintained · School phases: All
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  1. Roles and responsibilities
  2. Restrictions on the scope of your role
  3. You can fill a link governor role
  4. You're not responsible for bringing staff grievances to the board's attention
  5. Staff governor absence from meetings

Roles and responsibilities

Your role is to bring your unique staff perspective to the board. Apart from that, it's no different from other governors, and you'll help the board carry out its 3 core functions.

Your role isn't to represent staff, nor to be held to account by the governing board. 

This is explained on page 15 of the Department for Education's (DfE's) statutory guidance on the constitution of  governing bodies, and page 15 of the DfE's guidance for maintained schools on governance structures and roles.

Luton Borough Council has published further guidance on the role of the staff governor.

Learn more about your role in our on-demand training course for staff governors.

Restrictions on the scope of your role

Can't be chair or vice-chair of the governing board (but you can chair committees) Must withdraw and not take part in discussions relating to the appraisal or pay of any school employee, including the headteacher's appraisal This doesn't apply to the headteacher, who should be involved