Staff governor

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Staff governor

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What you'll learn

This course is for all staff governors and staff local governors in all school types, as well as other governors who are also school employees. 

We haven't produced this course with trustees in mind, as the Academy Trust Handbook states that no employees other than the trust CEO should serve as trustees. However, if you're a staff member serving as a trustee under your own trust's articles, you'll still find this course useful.

Learn in bitesize chunks whenever best suits you, or set aside about 2 hours to complete the course in 1 sitting. 

By the end of this course, you’ll:

  1. Understand what your role is as a staff governor
  2. Be able to challenge and support your headteacher confidently
  3. Know how to balance your roles as a staff member and a governor, and confidently handle situations that relate to this
  4. Feel confident to contribute to the board and meetings as a staff governor