Eligibility, removal & disqualification

  • Disqualification of governors and trustees
    Know what will disqualify a governor or trustee from serving on your board and use declaration of eligibility form to confirm that all your board members are qualified.
  • Governor categories in maintained schools
    The governing boards of maintained schools must be made up of specific types of governors. Understand what all of the different categories of governors are and the roles they play in school governance.
  • Local authority governors in maintained schools
    If you're a maintained school, you're required to have a local authority governor on your board. Find out what an LA governor is, how they're appointed and the restrictions on who can fill the role.
  • Maternity leave for governors and trustees
    Understand best practice for handling governor maternity leave or paternity, parental or adoption leave. Check you know how to avoid discrimination, and how you can fill any skill gaps on your board.
  • Suspending or removing a governor or trustee
    Be clear about the difference between suspension and removal, and when these sanctions may be appropriate to carry out. Understand the procedures you need to follow to protect your school or trust, and the rights of individual governors or trustees.