How to use virtual tools to conduct governing board business

You should use formal meetings (in person or virtually) as much as possible, but sometimes you need a way to communicate in-between meetings. Understand the rules and what's appropriate when using virtual tools like GovernorHub or email to conduct governing board business.

Last reviewed on 10 June 2022
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  1. What do we mean by 'virtual tools'?
  2. Set terms for how you'll use them
  3. Passing resolutions outside of a quorate meeting
  4. You can use virtual tools for discussions
  5. Don't hold meetings via virtual tools
  6. If the matter is urgent
  7. Ofsted can request to see your communications

What do we mean by 'virtual tools'?

Examples that you might use to communicate with your board include:

We would not recommend using encrypted messaging apps (like WhatsApp or Messenger) for governing board business, as this is likely to go against the Governance Handbook's emphasis on transparent decision-making (page 16).

Set terms for how you'll use them

It's up to you as a board to justify how you operate and how you comply with legislation. This includes whether and how you use virtual tools.

Approve the terms for how your board will use any virtual tools – these should be agreed by the full governing board Record these terms in your standing orders Update your governors' code of conduct so the expectations there reflect your agreed terms for how and when to use virtual methods. You might want