Clerk to the governing board

  • Clerk's guide to GovernorHub
    Learn how you can use GovernorHub effectively to complete a range of common clerking tasks.
  • Clerk's induction: checklist and guidance
    Know how to provide an effective induction for your new clerk so they can hit the ground running. A thoughtful induction process will also serve as evidence of your commitment to training. Download our checklist to make sure you've got everything covered.
  • Governance professionals' pay and hours
    Clerks, governance co-ordinators and governance leads play a key role in school and trust governance and should expect to be paid accordingly. Use the findings from our report on benchmarking pay and working patterns, to ensure you are paid fairly for the work that you do.
  • How to carry out a clerk's appraisal
    The quality of your clerking is key to the performance of your board(s). Learn how to carry out an annual performance review so you can drive high standards and support professional development for your clerk/ governance professional.
  • How to recruit a clerk
    Get everything you need to recruit your next clerk. Find out how to run the process from start to finish, including guidance on advertising, interviews and making the appointment.
  • Skills audit for governance professionals
    Evaluate your skills and knowledge, and identify your training needs with our skills audit based on the clerking competency framework.
  • The clerking competency framework
    Get the headline information you need about what the clerking competency framework is, and how you can use it. Download this QuickRead to share with your board.
  • The role of the governance professional
    All boards must have a governance professional (clerk). Find out who can be the clerk, and be clear on what the role involves so you can work with them effectively. Use our model role description if you’re recruiting.
  • Training for clerks to the governing board
    Clerks should have all of the skills and knowledge set out in the clerking competency framework. Discover what funding is available to you and where to find the training you need.