• How to evaluate your school's absence and attendance figures Read our tips on monitoring and challenging your school's attendance figures by questioning the senior leadership team, benchmarking against national data, and understanding how Ofsted will use your data.
  • School attendance Read our 1-page summary of the rules on school absence, attendance and term-time holidays.
  • School attendance: legal requirements Understand the rules on pupil absence, including your school's admission register and attendance register. We summarise the laws you need to know about, and look at parent penalties and term-time holidays.
  • Tackling poor pupil attendance To tackle poor attendance, try these strategies from an education welfare officer and our associate experts. Read our case study from a school with a high percentage of pupils eligible for the pupil premium.
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  • Behaviour
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  • Exclusions
    • Excluding a pupil Understand the statutory framework surrounding exclusions and what you might be asked to do as part of the exclusions process. Download our exclusions process flowchart to get up to speed quickly.
    • Exclusions Read a short summary of the rules around exclusion, including the governing board's responsibilities.
    • Exclusions: resolving difficulties with parents Advice on what to do if parents don't co-operate with an exclusion, or behave in an unacceptable way during the process.
    • Governors' exclusions panel: procedures As a governor, you'll most likely be asked to consider an exclusion at some point. Read this to understand the procedures to follow when sitting on the governors' exclusions panel, and see our easy-to-read flowchart.
    • Governors' exclusions panel: purpose and membership Some exclusions require consideration by the governing board or a panel convened for this purpose. The panel is sometimes called an exclusions panel or disciplinary committee. Learn when one is required, the timelines for considering different types of exclusions, and who can make up the membership.
    • Governors' exclusions panel: using evidence The governors' exclusions panel will use various forms of evidence to establish the facts in relation to an exclusion. Learn all about the types of evidence you can expect to see and how they're used in considering exclusions.
    • Independent review panels: membership and procedures Parents have the right to request a review of the governing board's decision not to reinstate a pupil after exclusion. The review is done by an independent review panel (IRP). Find out what to expect from the IRP and what the outcomes might be.
    • Off-rolling: governors' briefing Free sample There's been an increasing focus on the practice of 'off-rolling'. The new Ofsted inspection framework has guidelines for reviewing all forms of exclusion, including off-rolling. Find out what it is, which pupils are more likely to be affected, and why it might be happening.
    • Off-rolling: how to identify and prevent it Learn what measures your board can put in place to help prevent off-rolling, and what to do if you suspect it's happening in your school.
    • Reconsidering reinstatement after an independent review panel Following a decision from an independent review panel, your governing board might be required to reconsider reinstating an excluded pupil. Understand the steps that you need to take next.
    • Timpson review of school exclusion: governors' briefing The Timpson review has set out several recommendations to reform exclusion practice. Get up to speed on the government's response and what changes you can expect as a result of the review.
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