Last reviewed on 10 September 2021
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As a governor, you'll most likely be asked to consider an exclusion at some point. Read this to understand the procedures to follow when sitting on the governors' exclusions panel, and see our easy-to-read flowchart.

Unless stated otherwise, the information in this article is taken from the Department for Education's statutory guidance on exclusions

Governors' role in exclusions

When a pupil is excluded, the governing board has a duty to consider parents' representations about the exclusion. This duty is often delegated to a committee convened specifically for that purpose, which we refer to here as the 'exclusions panel'.

As a governor, it’s very likely you’ll be asked to consider an exclusion at some point in your service.

Read this article if you want to understand when a pupil may be excluded, and how the overall process works.

Set the date and time

The time limit is 15 school days