Governor administration

  • Governor email accounts
    As a governor, the personal data you send over email must be kept secure. Use a secure school email address to help you meet UK GDPR requirements, and see our other tips on keeping data secure.
  • How to use online tools to conduct business between meetings
    You should use formal meetings (in person or virtually) as much as possible, but sometimes you need a way to communicate in between meetings. Understand the rules and what's appropriate when using a platform like GovernorHub or email to conduct governing board business.
  • School governors' right to time off work
    You have the right to take 'reasonable' time off work to carry out your governor duties. Find out what the rules are, if your profession is exempt, and what to do if you're having problems with your employer.
  • Storing governing board documents
    Read this to make sure you're complying with the UK GDPR, and get guidance on how to store both electronic and paper documents so you know how to make yours secure.