Governor email accounts

As a governor, the personal data you send over email must be kept secure. Use a secure school email address to help you meet UK GDPR requirements.

Last reviewed on 22 March 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Use GovernorHub email if you can
  2. Use school email accounts
  3. Top tips on keeping data secure
  4. Handling requests for data

Use GovernorHub email if you can

Our secure system at GovernorHub means that you don't need to worry about encrypting emails or sending password-protected attachments – our system handles the IT security for you. Governors can log in with a personal or school email address, making the process as smooth as possible for your board. 

Read our help articles on GovernorHub to get started:

Use school email accounts

If your board doesn't use GovernorHub's emailing system yet, it's strongly advised that all your governors use secure school email accounts.

A school-based email account will help make