Last reviewed on 22 April 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Use our list of questions to help you review your home-school communication policy. Be clear on what good looks like with our model policy download and see examples from different types of schools.

Key points to look out for 

As this policy isn't statutory, its contents can vary. We've made some suggestions below on what you might find in a home-school communication policy. 

The most important thing this policy should do is set clear communication guidelines for staff and parents.

Aims and objectives

This section might include information on why your school believes communication is important, in line with its vision, ethos and values. Aims of the policy might include:

  • Explaining how the school communicates with parents/carers
  • Setting clear standards and expectations for responding to communication
  • Helping parents/carers reach the member of school staff who is best placed to address their concern so they can get a quick response

Roles and responsibilities 

The headteacher: making sure communication with parents is effective, timely and appropriate  Staff members: responding to communications from parents and working with other members