Last reviewed on 30 January 2024
Statutory/mandatory for: Maintained schools Academies Free schools Independent schools Pupil referral units Non-maintained special schools

Find everything you need to review and approve your school or trust first aid policy. Download our model policy and checklist to see what good looks like and see examples of policies from primary, secondary and special schools.

What this policy needs to do

Statutory requirements

While your school must have a first aid policy, it doesn't have to be a standalone document and may be part of your school's health and safety policy.

There's no specific format that your school needs to follow for this policy.

Will be used to write your school's first aid policy Will be specific to your school's setting – it will consider factors such as your school's size, location and layout (read more below) Should happen at least annually, and particularly after any changes in circumstances, such as new premises or staff changes. Remember that it's not your job to complete the assessment, but to hold school leaders to account and ask questions so you can assure yourself that the assessment