Governor training and development: role of the link governor

Understand what your role entails as a link governor for governor training, and learn how to monitor your board's development.

Last reviewed on 20 October 2023
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  1. Expectations of your board
  2. Your role and responsibilities
  3. How to monitor governor development 
  4. Access our on-demand online training 

Expectations of your board

Every governing board has a responsibility to evaluate its own effectiveness. This includes setting aside a budget for the training and development it needs to fill any skill gaps, including financial knowledge.

These expectations are outlined in the Governance Handbook (pages 43 and 44) and the Academy Trust Handbook (paragraphs 1.25 and 1.26). 

A governor should have specific responsibility for training and development

While it's not a statutory requirement, your board should consider giving "the vice-chair or another governor a specific responsibility for enabling every person to develop the skills they need to be effective".

This is recommended on page 44 of the Governance Handbook

The training link governor will monitor governor development in more detail and make sure it happens. 

Your role and responsibilities

Your role is to help make sure every governor develops their skills so they can make a valuable