Last reviewed on 27 September 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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Understand your role as a curriculum link governor, including during coronavirus, and find out what questions you can ask subject leaders to challenge and support them.

This article is for you if your role involves looking at your school's cross-curricular, topic-based or theme-based curriculum. This approach is more common in primary schools than secondary.

If your role is linked to a specific subject, take a look at more specific guidance here.

The link governor role is only one piece of the puzzle - read our article about the governing board's role in monitoring the curriculum.  

We worked with our associate education experts Jane Owens, Lorraine Petersen and Keith Clover to write this article.

Your role 

You should:

Work closely with the appropriate lead(s)

Depending on how your school sets up its leadership structure, this might mean working with:

You're not expected to be a curriculum expert, to judge the subject the same way an inspector would, or to know as much as