Induction training for governors and trustees

A solid induction can help new governors and trustees understand their roles and be effective straight away. Discover resources to help them get off to a great start.

Last reviewed on 31 October 2022
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  1. A solid induction gets a new governor or trustee on their feet quickly
  2. Our on demand online training 
  3. Check with your LA or academy trust 
  4. Run in-house induction training
  5. Record your training on GovernorHub

A solid induction gets a new governor or trustee on their feet quickly

It's best practice for all new governors to have induction training because: 

  • Your board will work most efficiently when everyone knows their roles and responsibilities 
  • Ofsted will consider governors' commitment to their development as part of the 'leadership and management' judgement

In order to make that happen, your board needs to:

  • Identify induction and ongoing training needs
  • Encourage all governors to take advantage of the resources, guidance and training available to them
  • Set aside a budget for governor training needs

This is set out in the Governance Handbook (page 43).

Our on demand online training 

We offer comprehensive induction programmes for:

This is included with your membership.

We also have on-demand training courses for parent governor/trustees and staff governors.

Our on-demand courses will give the newest members of your board the opportunity to learn at a