Last reviewed on 29 April 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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High-quality induction ensures that new governors and trustees can hit the ground running. Understand what you need to do to prepare them for their role, and how you can provide ongoing support.

The chair usually leads induction

The chair should lead induction for a new governor but can delegate the responsibility to someone with the necessary governance experience, such as the vice-chair or governance professional. In multi academy trusts where there is a governance lead, they could be the person responsible for inductions.

Whoever's responsible, the individual should keep the headteacher and clerk updated on the new governor's progress.

Set up a meeting with your new governor 

If you're leading induction, arrange a video call with the new governor.

You don’t need to invite the headteacher to this meeting as they don’t need to be involved yet. Also, it’ll help the new governor understand that you’re responsible for providing the leadership and direction of the governing board, not the headteacher.  

Present the vision for improvement and strategy for the future Explain how the governing board and its committees function Outline your expectations of governors Introduce