Conflicts of interest

Read our 1-page summary of the rules on declaring conflicts of interests and publishing a register of interests on your website. Download a copy to share with your governing board.

Last reviewed on 28 April 2023
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What's a conflict of interest?

Conflicts of interest arise when you have any interests that may affect, or be seen to affect, your ability to take decisions that are impartial and in the best interests of your school.

These may arise from personal relationships, business or financial activities, or involvement in the governance of another school/trust or charity.

If you're not sure whether an interest counts, err on the side of caution and declare it

Register of interests

You must publish a register of interests on your school's website. It'll include details of:

  • Governors and associate members in maintained schools
  • Members, trustees and local governors in academies

In maintained schools: it must include any relevant business, or pecuniary, interests. This includes governance roles in other educational institutions, as well as material interests that arise from governors’ close personal relations.

Directorships, partnerships and employment with businesses Trusteeships