Pupil premium: questions to ask

See our list of questions to ask your pupil premium lead about how your school uses this funding to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils. Use the questions in link governor visits or in relevant committee meetings.

Last reviewed on 16 December 2022
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How does the attainment of pupils eligible for the pupil premium as a group compare with others? 

In an answer, you want to hear:

  • Senior leaders have a clear idea of how pupils eligible for the pupil premium perform compared to others, and refer to assessment data (both recent and historic data) when making these comparisons
  • If their attainment is worse, why this is the case and what's being done to address it
  • If there isn't an attainment gap at your school, how they're using the funding to stretch pupils further

What is the pupil premium spent on?

  • Senior leaders should be able to outline how the funding is used
  • They should refer to their pupil premium strategy statement

How do you decide what interventions