Monitoring pupil premium: role of the link governor

Be clear on the role and responsibilities of a pupil premium link governor. Use our list of questions when monitoring provision and our template when reporting to your board.

Last reviewed on 24 January 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Role and responsibilities
  2. Ask questions to help you monitor provision
  3. Report back to the board

Role and responsibilities

As a pupil premium link governor, or any governor monitoring pupil premium, you'll need to hold school leaders to account for:

  • How they spend the pupil premium
  • The impact of spending on targeted groups
  • The attainment and progress of eligible pupils compared with others

Make sure you're familiar with the pupil premium: what it is, how it's calculated and allocated, which groups of pupils attract the premium, and how it can be spent.

Quickly get to grips with the pupil premium with our 1-page read, and set aside some time to take our pupil premium training course - you can complete it in bite-size chunks whenever suits you.

Know your school

Read and understand your school's pupil premium strategy statement Get familiar with your school's pupil premium policy, if it has one Know basic pupil premium facts for your school, such as how many pupils attract the premium and how this figure compares nationally Meet