Last reviewed on 12 May 2021
School types: Academy · School phases: All
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Find out who needs to have terms of reference and understand how they differ from your scheme of delegation. Discover examples for both boards of trustees and local governing bodies (LGBs) so you can get inspiration if you need to write your own.

This article is based on the model articles of association published by the DfE. Check your own articles in case they vary from the models.

If you're looking to write your terms of reference, brush up on the basics and use our template here.

Terms of reference are different to your scheme of delegation

Terms of reference cover procedural requirements and practical details of an individual committee/local governing body (LGB). This includes outlining what constitutes a quorum, how it will monitor and what policies it will approve.

Schemes of delegation outline where responsibility and accountability sits within your whole multi-academy trust (MAT) structure – this includes anything delegated to committees and LGBs. It's much more top-level and gives a broad overview.

If you're on an LGB and you're new to governance, get up to speed with our induction training.

Since the powers found in terms of reference are delegated by