Members of the trust: appointment, removal and resignation

Here's a run-down of the rules on appointing and removing members of academy trusts. Find out how to manage the process if you're responsible for governance in your trust.

Last reviewed on 23 March 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Number and eligibility
  2. Appointing members
  3. Paperwork for new members
  4. Removing members
  5. Members' resignation

Number and eligibility

Members are similar to a company's shareholders - they sit above the board of trustees in an academy trust. They have a largely hands-off role other than some key responsibilities around signing and amending the articles of association. Refresh your understanding of the members' role and responsibilities if you need to.

The minimum requirement is 3 members

Ideally, trusts will have 5 members as this helps make sure they can take decisions at meetings.


The people who signed the memorandum of association when the trust was created This will usually be at least 3 people The foundation or sponsor body - this often means a corporate body, or the diocese in a church academy Usually in practice, there will be an individual who acts as a 'corporate representative' Up to X additional people appointed by the foundation or sponsor body Your articles will specify how many additional people can be appointed this way Additional members appointed by the