Academy trust AGM: attendance and agenda

Find out the requirements for holding an academy trust's annual general meeting (AGM), who should attend and what the agenda should include.

Last reviewed on 8 April 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. You must hold an AGM each financial year
  2. The majority of members must be present
  3. Other attendees
  4. What you should cover

Thanks to our associate education experts, Bill Dennison, Joe Nutt, Fred Birkett and Brendan Hollyer for their help with this article. It's also based on the governance handbook and model articles of associationCheck your own articles of association, as they may differ.

You must hold an AGM each financial year

It's now a requirement. In previous versions of the model articles this was optional - see page 5 of the model articles.

Any other meeting of the trust is referred to as a general meeting. 

Calling the meeting

The board of trustees calls the meeting. It should be called with at least 14 days notice, specifying:

  • The time and place of the meeting
  • The general nature of the meeting business
  • That it'll be an AGM
  • That members can appoint a proxy in their place

The notice should be sent to all members, trustees and auditors. 

In order for an AGM to