Trustees, members and MAT boards

  • Academy trust AGMs and general meetings: attendance and agenda
    Find out the requirements for holding an academy trust's annual general meeting (AGM), who should attend and what the agenda should include. Understand the requirements for general meetings too.
  • Academy trustees: legal obligations
    As an academy trustee, you have legal duties as a charity trustee and a company director. Be clear on what they are, so you're compliant. Find out about sources of legal advice.
  • CEO report to the board: what to expect
    Your CEO should update your board of trustees regularly. Find out what you can expect to see in the report, and use our guidance and template to help you steer your CEO so that the report works for you.
  • Members of the academy trust: role and responsibilities
    Learn about the role of members in an academy trust, and share our download to help everyone in your trust understand members' key responsibilities. Find out how to resolve any difficulties between members and trustees.
  • Members of the trust: appointment, removal and resignation
    Here's a run-down of the rules on appointing and removing members of academy trusts. Find out how to manage the process if you're responsible for governance in your trust.
  • Role of a company secretary
    Find out about the company secretary's key tasks and responsibilities. If you're advertising a role, use our model job description to save time, and see examples from trusts.
  • Terms of reference: boards of trustees and local governing bodies
    Find out who needs to have terms of reference and understand how they differ from your scheme of delegation. Discover examples for both boards of trustees and local governing bodies (LGBs) so you can get inspiration if you need to write your own.