CEO report to the board: what to expect

Your CEO should update your board of trustees regularly. Find out what you can expect to see in the report, and use our guidance and template to help you steer your CEO so that the report works for you.

Last reviewed on 7 April 2022
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  1. Agree on the scope, format and frequency
  2. Ask for the information you want to see
  3. Your CEO should give you the right amount of information
  4. Download and adapt our template 

Agree on the scope, format and frequency

Your CEO needs to provide your board of trustees with the information it needs to do its job well. 

Make sure you decide: 

  • What you would like your CEO to include in the report - agree on the scope and format (this is explained on page 28 of the Governance Handbook). Use our section below to help you
  • On the frequency of your reports - make sure you take into account work-life balance and avoid busy periods such as exams. Most CEOs report to trustees 3 times a year

Ask for the information you want to see

Go through our template at the bottom of this article and add your own prompts, section headings or suggestions, which your CEO can then use when writing the report. It's important that you're clear with your CEO about what you want them to update you on