Schemes of delegation in multi-academy trusts

All MATs do governance differently, and your scheme of delegation will set out your trust's approach. As a local governor, you need to be familiar with this document. Understand what kind of information you'll find in your scheme of delegation and when you should look to it for answers.

Last reviewed on 16 June 2022
School types: Academy · School phases: All
Ref: 30331
  1. What you'll find in the scheme of delegation
  2. Using the scheme
  3. Your board of trustees should review it annually
  4. Examples from other trusts

What you'll find in the scheme of delegation

Your scheme of delegation sets out where responsibilities and accountabilities sit within your multi-academy trust's (MAT's) structure. For example, it will indicate whether a task is the responsibility of the board of trustees, local governing bodies (LGBs), headteachers or central staff.

All MATs will delegate this differently, so the scheme is something you'll probably refer to often.

Using the scheme

Your trust should provide induction training for all trustees and LGB members on what the scheme of delegation is and how it's applied.

Find details about your MAT’s committees (including LGBs) and their role and remits Understand which functions are retained at board level and which are delegated (e.g. budget setting, executive leader oversight, headteacher appraisal and performance management) Understand how the trust will oversee the work of your local governing body Be clear about parental and community engagement arrangements Know how