Academy conversion: consultation

Converting to an academy is a big decision. Find out who you should consult, how to do it, and what information to include in your consultation.

Last reviewed on 11 April 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Requirements
  2. Who should we consult?
  3. When should we consult and for how long?
  4. How do we consult?
  5. Information to include
  6. Collate responses
  7. Your LA should handle complaints

Our associate education experts, Fred Birkett, Hayley James and Mark Trusson, helped us to write this article.


If the conversion is voluntary

The governing board must formally consult about your school's plans to convert into an academy.

If your school has received an academy order

You won't need to consult if your school is converting because it has received an academy order from the secretary of state.

However, before the secretary of state issues an academy order for a foundation school or voluntary school that has a foundation, it must consult:

  • The trustees of the school
  • The person or persons by whom the foundation governors are appointed
  • The appropriate religious body (if your school has a religious character)

See sections 8 and 9 of the Education and Adoption Act 2016.

Who should we consult?

You should seek views from all stakeholders that will have an interest in your school changing its status, including:

This is explained in the