Sustainability: role of the link governor

Find out how to carry out your role as a sustainability link governor effectively. Learn what the role entails and use our questions to hold leaders to account.

Last reviewed on 7 November 2023
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  1. Be clear on what 'sustainability' is for your school or trust
  2. Know your role
  3. Monitor sustainability effectively
  4. Download our monitoring questions to ask

Be clear on what 'sustainability' is for your school or trust

The Department for Education (DfE) released a strategy in April 2022 to improve the education sector’s response to climate change by 2030. Read a summary of the DfE's strategy.

Sustainability can seem like an overwhelming subject. You could categorise sustainability in your school or trust using the National Governance Association's (NGA's) 4 Cs model:

  • Culture 
    • How does your school or trust make sustainability a strategic priority?
    • How are all key stakeholders (including pupils) involved in promoting sustainability?
    • Is sustainability and climate change ingrained across the school in both its culture and learning experiences?

Community  Does your school or trust work with local partners to promote sustainability?