Assessment: role of the link governor

Get clarity on your role as the link governor for assessment. Find out how to monitor assessment and save time with our example questions to school leaders to hold them to account.

Last reviewed on 13 July 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Your role
  2. Get to know your school's assessment system
  3. How to monitor assessment in your school
  4. Questions to ask senior leaders

Your role

You'll work closely with the assessment lead or senior leader responsible for assessment. As with any other link governor role, it's not about being an expert, but about asking the right questions to get the insight you need to hold school leaders to account.

You'll also keep your board up to date on any changes to your school's assessment system.

Your role isn't to analyse the data

It's to make sure that the data is being collected effectively and is measuring the right things. Your curriculum and subject link governors will be monitoring the data to see what it means for their areas. Your role is asking about how this data is generated, and its purpose.

Get to know your school's assessment system

How ever your school leaders choose to implement assessment,