Curriculum committee: terms of reference

If you're writing or reviewing your curriculum committee's terms of reference, see examples from schools and get guidance on how often to meet. Also find a link to our template to save you time.

Last reviewed on 21 November 2022
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  1. What to include
  2. Examples from schools

What to include

Use our terms of reference template to set out the membership, quorum and meeting frequency for your curriculum committee.

It's also best practice to include:

  • Which policies the committee will review and approve
  • Which areas of compliance your committee is responsible for
  • What the committee will monitor and how
  • What school visits members will make and how often
  • Which school leaders will report to the committee

Use the examples from schools to see which policies and monitoring tasks other boards delegate to their curriculum committee. Remember that all boards will be different, so yours won't delegate all the same policies and compliance areas.

Ideally, curriculum committees meet once a term

However, you might need to call extra meetings outside your normal schedules if:

Make sure to include a provision to call special meetings in your committee's terms