Clerks' pay and hours

Governance professionals play a key role in school governance and should expect to be paid accordingly. Understand what factors go into deciding your pay and hours and find some resources for benchmarking your own salary.

Last reviewed on 18 February 2022
School types: Maintained · School phases: All
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  1. Working hours
  2. Salaries

Working hours

There's no standard recommended number of hours a clerk is expected to work throughout the year, or of how many meetings a clerk should be expected to support.

Clerks' workloads vary greatly according to the individual contracts held with schools, and the needs of individual governing boards. 

Who sets the working hours?

Clerks in maintained schools are either employed by the individual school or by the local authority (LA). 

  • If you're employed by the LA, your working hours will be set out in the terms and conditions of service
  • If you're employed directly by the governing board, all governors have collective responsibility for your contract and working hours. Normally, this task is left to the chair or vice-chair though

In academies, clerks' pay and hours are set by the trust.

How long should clerking tasks take?

Preparing the agenda and agreeing it with the headteacher and the chair Attending the meeting and taking the minutes Writing up