Clerk's guide to GovernorHub

Learn how you can use GovernorHub effectively to complete a range of common clerking tasks.

Last reviewed on 3 November 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. What is GovernorHub?
  2. Why should I use it?
  3. Organise your meetings and monitor attendance
  4. Store evidence of your governing board’s work
  5. Share your agenda and governing board minutes
  6. Get your minutes signed
  7. Keep things confidential
  8. Keep on top of governors’ details
  9. More support from GovernorHub
  10. Next steps

What is GovernorHub?

It is: 

  • An online storage platform and tool that’s designed specifically for governing boards
  • A central place for you to:
    • Manage your board
    • Stay connected and organised
    • Develop a ready-made body of evidence for your board(s) to use whenever they need it

Basically, GovernorHub can help you complete all of your clerking tasks easily and efficiently. Find out how with some examples below.

Why should I use it?

It can make your life easier

Let technology do what it was designed for – streamline the boring tasks so you can focus on supporting your board(s).

Everything in 1 place, accessible anywhere

You and your board(s) can access your files securely from anywhere with an internet connection – no need to always use the same computer or carry around bags full of folders.

If you clerk multiple boards, you can also manage them all in 1 place with ‘My Hub’.

Plot your governing board and committee meetings into