Deputy headteacher: appointment and pay

The process for appointing and setting pay for a deputy headteacher is nearly identical to that for a headteacher. Understand the step-by-step process for hiring new deputy heads, as well as how to pay acting deputy heads.

Last reviewed on 18 October 2023
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  1. See our model job description and person specification
  2. Appoint a selection panel
  3. Follow the process
  4. Set the pay for the role
  5. Setting pay for new appointments: 3-stage process
  6. How to pay acting deputy heads

Thanks to governance experts Jacqueline Baker and Hayley James for their advice with this article.

As the process for deputy headteacher and headteacher recruitment are almost the same, familiarise yourself with the process by taking our headteacher recruitment training.

See our model job description and person specification

Use it to get an idea of what a deputy headteacher role involves, and what you're looking for in the recruitment process.

You could share this document with your school leaders if they don't already have one, as a starting point for them to adapt. 

Download: model job description and person specification for a deputy headteacher DOCX, 525.7 KB

It's based on: 

Appoint a selection panel

Appoint a panel of at least 3 governors Have at least 1 panel member with safer recruitment training (see The School Staffing