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  • Advertising requirements: senior leaders It’s generally good practice to advertise headteacher and deputy headteacher vacancies, to attract a wider range of candidates and put yourself at less risk of a discrimination claim. Use our article to learn more about when you might not advertise, and advertising internally.
  • Appointing a headteacher: tasks for the chair As chair, what should I do once we have decided on a headteacher? This article includes a downloadable KeyDoc containing a checklist of tasks for a chair of governors might carry out after a headteacher has been picked. We also refer to guidance from the National College and a local authority.
  • Appointing an acting headteacher Is there advice on appointing acting headteachers? This article looks at the process for appointing acting headteachers, and when they would be appointed. It also answers further questions on acting headships, relaying advice from 2 of our associate education experts.
  • Co-headship: guidance for governors There's been a lot of buzz around the concept of flexible working and co-headship. Learn more about what co-headship is and what you need to consider when deciding if it might be right for your school.
  • Deputy headteachers: appointment and pay The process for appointing and setting pay for a deputy headteacher is nearly identical to that for a headteacher. Download our model job description and understand the process for hiring new deputy heads as well as how to pay acting deputy heads.
  • Headteacher recruitment: an overview A step-by-step guide to the headteacher recruitment process, covering advertising, shortlisting candidates, holding interviews and making the appointment.